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tv   The Debate  PBS  April 9, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the you would when will we will the program has brought you by. the group. we'd from norway's mainstream cruise for this lies the secret exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastal the report include counters and access to wilkinson welcome back to watch austin test coming up to sixty recession greece. returning to international markets
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cold comfort though for the thousands who marched in general strike. as the standoff continues russian separatists in eastern ukraine. i didn't put the ones she had a chance to pre pay for delivery of natural gas in this edition will take you to the russian side of the border. smaller than expected believe but to leave nonetheless for the opposition as the count ballots in indonesia's general election. the very first time in four years greece's government announcing it. returning to international bond markets this is the country expects an end to six years of recession. try telling it go to the tens of thousands who
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marched in a general strike this wednesday. two separate launches the twenty thousand people and warm tone gets the greek parliament unionized workers have agreed to stroke the store to promote children's future increases become impoverished houses don't you know we must stand up against. body out of the new one demonstration so and private sector unions joined together. with the creeds and twenty four hour strike which schools and crippled athens transport system. just a few streets away. another protest. this was organized by the communist party backs trade unions. we are standing up to the government's decisions against workers' rights. the high unemployment poverty and for the abolition of collective wage agreement the greek government is keen to send signals to the international community the country is on its way back like economically and
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politically. once the athens announced it's set to return to the top markets for the first minute when he is taken to raise some key points point b in your eyes his marching through the streets. it's a mental competence. twenty eight percent of the country is currently unemployed reporting earlier from athens correspondent who survive cats. most of the protest is that i saw today that were essentially saying that that. basically if it's not their dignity and grace. the sorbet ink on the city when dylan the past four years at the state welfare state is no longer want at the half to paint for everything you want to get in and out. minors and was not affected with all the teeth and social exclusion because their parents. i sent unemployed for well over a year i might be getting nice when you're on foot over you
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the access to state benefits and to get it and see people hire somebody on hopes that new mentoring and ties and got the sense of what has kept the country from a really irritating i associate with other people what they know that that some hints of investment coming back to the east with the eradication of that i'm tape that number that is still quite ready to be at the end of this month the government is that i expect it also announced the fast growth higher numbers of the economy on the eighth. the make up a with all these average sounding and had a great read news today. unfortunately the cries from the protests idea and all of its content to the authorities. lisa derek its reporting. last week the french government announced a streamlined cabinet in the sixteen ministers well. you can add fourteen mornings to that tally the junior ministers to
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thirty in total still eat fewer than the previous government the most prominent nomination made to the high moving from digital economy to work with that includes foreign trade tourism and french citizens abroad. as was the case but the last of the scab that there is an equal number of men and women the first or no natural gas deliveries. that's the measure touted by russia's present bottom and put in response to one point seven billion euros of the readers of our ukraine ukraine. justine is built in gas pump forty four percent the past it. this is in the eastern part of ukraine the standoff continues with pro russian forces occupying buildings. earlier it was booked our correspondent on the ukrainian side of the border on the russian side. julian hilltop found it hard going actually reporting the board. yes my coat on this location to thank you to the way from the russian
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ukrainian boy back. yet with attempting to film august rush ukrainian born on the russian side which is about two hundred km away from across the pond on i was there with a group of other dentists all within a few seconds that should not come as they approached by the security. he allows to set questions about overdoing it falls on the slow id well as seeing him take the subway to the customs and border office while questioning. i'm the stomach was too windy for the future status is at present he had a ton of questions the wrong skin. i was the top priced into full effect of policy exactly what i was trying to report the effect of i was trying to eat fish i might be not nice boy that is like a what amy and i was actually a she did with the restricted to a friend's son. they gave me a tad basically says that the policy she did with an official mourning. i will miss that i've managed to find the reason i'm fine but nonetheless is the one in and let's just do the same thing again a film about
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the mission of this kind of that incident shows an example of just how suspicious russian officials all from tennis at times of high tensions between moscow and kiev as it is of the month and while bob was that the boy back. i'm so so it really was late into the tent by the customs and dress the several cars but the minute activity at the bus on school class on a bed. and i was to you of all the reporting. the vote counting continues his exit polls suggest indonesia's main opposition party has called the most votes in legislative elections to form a government however jakarta's charismatic government. we'll have to form a coalition sourcing of potentials and indonesia's parliamentary elections come to occur is the biggest economy in southeast asia has the potential electorate of one hundred and seventy people. and then choosing for maybe two hundred thousand candidates from regional and national scene. jakarta government to complete as it
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was at the polls released early on wednesday confident that he'll be making another appearance in the presidential elections in july. britain. the human mind it is. and to his atrocious as cheque week he's built his reputation on being a trustworthy and sixteen candidates in a country named the corruption within the political clowns. id like to kelly is accustomed to but she has a lot of unfinished want to bust circle time and to console. i worried that he would leave the job undone again. like the president's got to do that opposition candidate we didn't want it to the front running that makes you take the poll saying his power tdp dealing peak may not have enough credits to get to the majority. they may have to strike deals with other factions to form a coalition government including the islamic policies which to
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base is expected according to preliminary results this is any defeat an election that indonesians have been teaching since the former authoritarian the censor content in nineteen ninety eight. many day to save my main concerns on stamping out institutionalized corruption and pasting the country's economy. he asked if the stories trials no prosecutions turn cross examination of the one pic and paralympics printer. do not wilfully murdering his girlfriend resisting it was the mementos that the story is and his team one lakh each painting cross examination to prosecute at least admitted telling him to the point. the video they shot the queue. but even that on monday. inside it. cities i do my shopping to be speeded up. with the money
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dino was eight to twenty one s the sympathetic portrait of the stories that the defense has attempted to constructing the pulse few days. he scored in the ne victory when the quarter down condition of the gift that each of the nt and using a war to men as target practice i would do just that the show the father of two. to see what they think would be the key to meeting many new friends the south african company told the court that he use to interweave hunting find on to shoot at targets in eighteen fifty the tea had no intention of killing his guilt and read fifteen camp instead took me some by enticing else can. struggling to regain his campaign jet historians describe what happened when he and rita. to see if she was creating rituals and so on. moms and the new crucial clues about
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who that went on to me on the pitch by her. sweet song bowden. on monday. it's old adopted son. still it was running gone on me. sixteen seen in ages that this story a skill to my finding trip is when it stormed to lofton documents. the twenty seven year old man to suspect maintains that it was a dreadful accident. often he mistook me for spreading tree down. the stories faces a possible prison term of twenty ninety eight tonight if convicted of premeditated had to. nasa continues time now though for the false and yet today the eye. on top. he could be the leader of
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the next leader of the world's largest democracy hindu nationalists chieftain narendra modi filing his nomination papers to run for parliament in his home state of gujarat is going in there you can tell reforms that made the drive one of india's major success stories. no wonder india's stock market has risen sharply anticipated movie victory. but many others feel the dj peace returned to power. it was almost as watch in two thousand to the nearly eight hundred muslims slaughter into riots in gujarat he's branded a failure is never apologize nor should he insists his supporters. these indian homes of the world's second largest muslim population ready for the return of hindu nationalists of power. what's the alternative ruling congress party whose dynastic there were old gandhi has struggled to muster enthusiasm on the campaign trail. after a decade in power and accusations of mismanagement. is india
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experiences the growing pains of infrastructures and services that have failed to keep pace with expansion the world's largest it. wa's largest democracy now. making the transition from a rural to urban based economy in a sample some of the other choices on offer in the selection was eight hundred and fifteen million voters in bar this week i'm five weeks old today. austin kept in a hindu votes. it is to talk about it. austin kept in the center of the season i woke up to newport to our reports for andy gt r and d tv tv and eastern descent times the deepening darkness also joining us. he is in the oven paris based businessman deepak rash which supports the opposition the ttp thank you for being with us. and george was a model of the author of the french language version of india for dummies for
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dennis b vitamins that many thanks for being with us because they get to be where you can win on the conversation ended up on twitter and facebook has turned into four debates again this wednesday narendra modi registry his nomination papers in his home district on monday. the sixty three year old who started out as a tea seller unveiling his platform and insisting that the past is the packs ms martin image in the late eighty s my party has given me the responsibility to the pits. they're so i would like to promise all the citizens of india. did i would leave no stone unturned in carrying out the responsibilities that bjp thrust upon me. with one minute. place remaining. i also promise that i would never do anything for myself
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i tend to emphasize that i will do nothing with a sense of regret it the question since i knew him. we want he says that when students much as anything you've done it and i still do. oh and during the eighteen eighties on today. i'm no revenge and identity continue he says he's representing the majority community this desolate and there's no question of events that the majority community. silk lexi and you know it's just the dissenting opinion was the consistency thing that seems like even in the unit is undaunted an accident backdoor deemed to be done after this election coronation is probably going to be fun and the hot sun still beat me she doesn't talk about how odd that my teeth especially some of the sinking my teeth. you know how we think it would be
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to get into sensitive to an issue that maintenance for getting the message is putting out. when i was still within the bjp been on the weekend and i still cannot just this week on monday. they knew that i could eat it so young team unity is very telling it shows some sense it's going to the bjp because united with the lights the accident that has been in the us during the half their home beefed up conservatives than in the past it the attention to his visit on the ninth and alonso has his message to these heidi made the task isn't too with his teenage years he has to yesterday decided to sit in minnesota said the manifesto when it finally came the hot sun and the teeth taking life that is all one has uncovered an acting career and not even thinking about these ascent is the unifying theme in court victory not happen again. i feel fine on its east and the dvd on the stand and a non camping in the uk
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which has given his and the iss which is extremely competitive on the bbc tv to complete a good idea if this is not going down business units and in the meeting of the template and unicef does this mean i'm going to be found in the spring and this is my enemy was milking find i cannot attest it did have one of its main dulaimi is going to haf to him that it's the start of the divine in its development and green faced by the breed discontent in the six foot two one. when i noticed a lot of luck to them this is the key is trying to stand and the message is spitting out until we do know that when given unto him the master list bhakti. that is also sort of crisis of confidence in india as it is actually meant lots of them. this is the ginger. it's also fun out of the clutter off the financial crisis so it isn't a strong anti incumbency factor the smoking and movie has been injecting
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himself as a man who can fix the new book and i who can fix the economy and slow down when the auntie is actually going to be improving instruction differ on whether his policies are going to be heaved a different light anybody can swim and that is very difficult to say but my fingers now don't get the key hires beam of light came on this image of fuel and independent writing in salon that is something that effects us on the manifesto you know the difference to the nominated actors than i and some other differences too. you know taking the medicine isn't taking the stand when it comes to foreign policies that we've been on these factors the confidence boosting fact is as fun as reading device it is the question absolutely but also the fact that his ankle to india in london there was a time when he was seeing people are talking about the economy. it's easy to use and it just ended missing the cut and kindness to us or not. a visibly of
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the insecurity as to what is going to happen. the indian economy has lived in many parts of the voting has been this lack of confidence is being feted by someone in prison tuesday twenty nine sen obama as a machinist impending us politics toward the us and that is this concept does not include that that's coming in on him he has to be honest as a member of the non presidential election. so you know more he has been projected as the heat of this puppy so he is likely to be venomous that the bjp manages to win and if they manage to get enough it's a book to get the confidence vote the theme this effort has been in this post ninety two also succeed in the club has visibly has not succeeded in propping up the weekend is a strong leader. in july has been in withdrawal. i'm a good option this has been extremely
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strong degrees and oodles of a concern today about the ups and the type of school. one of the negative effect on the economy. but the distance in a compound as those with obama being the boss on the fact that movie has used the jesus meek and then you need them. merchandise is on the mountain back to the backside. you can buy. i knew his superman costume that ended in the making of and now. the reason. isaac has also opted not to miss this kind of fun too. this man is the as the man who has multiple columns mcmanus easy it is one that is extremely doubtful right effect rest with the idea. the leader of the bjp. boosts this story has since started from nothing and has built himself up to is is it is a gripping
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one of the current teammate amy. the skin it disappoints because he won't be able to deliver on all his campaign promises and b he is a divisive figure. stock prices which in this business of no news was even need to go the deal was connected to the masses. indeed it is accepted by the people and indeed it was at the time he was cute. the policy has been used as a new policy promises to be the topic of foreign institutional investors to talk with the intent of this month. he commented on the streets. and i think is one lead in india was coming up now. miss them and when the industry has destroyed his lack of confidence in his future. up to the youth using the built in its got to the future of the neat little india is as strong they say like. just asked him to go and dance. so in this situation is indeed which comes up which is
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connected to the masses. in the background was given when administration in july that its investment in state league weekend. the trust has sent along with his upbeat was being publicly this week brings cute deal and governance. on the palms as they continue to knock an astounding as many retailers country it's very difficult to leave on my system. when he became prime minister of all indians especially a refusal to apologize so far for what happened in two thousand. to them it was going to get it. i think he doesn't do the right is happening because the time of independence. it was a strong need to be forced to reduce harmony between hindus and muslims which didn't happen it was for signs and has decided once in a very deep i'm blessed with rice appears in the year two thousand to present him with b he was a cheap mr was joined at that time period
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i'm sick and actions the lazard is to actually lead to that site atrocity thousand people die which was intended to assist with building because of a new security forces which second regions across this one too she was to provide and what that means winds of one of the few rights means we are the conditions actually happened. they talk about pointing to mr and his sense of design in science and science has done. and if you have a nice touch. so it's it's not really nice to see its not prepared to say about this possibility only two points poisoned and openly especially when it was new to the position of chief ministers and on top. on that point. it still. he had not apologized to his neighbor mark subsequently the third year in funding to keep me on to score points on the stove expectation act nineteen twenty three and the kindest
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and notched mancini to toe cocoon. we have what we've always known it's all coming to town on the twenty oh four six months. none of use which cost ninety nine mt has not changed too. between thirty two percent. additional financing. in one season just to tease me and encouraged that is interesting to see how interactive three d wing and peace isaac's for more young people now another tool because it didn't allow for ten years this to me to change. recently i was watching the amount of something new. you must take him to come back in july the dedication today is a fight between these two people and how fast time. his induction into the guts and gore. these are the change
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young readers the movement is not a good book every window. we ought to heed its east and the station on election law as to what should i do want to mix it up a stick and place everybody's talking in india not just to finish about the movie. he beamed. easing up the new position i'm sick you've got a good meal these were the many stores no condition to that last monday and it wasn't me smile and one. i think tony will have to come out. it's much easier than that. optionally you can see in india today i spent a month to meet me such discussion. anyway i'm not really a name that tune up going to be the key to an unbelieving and we have
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reappointed you're saying and how you slice the data indians while the bjp to form the next to that person will be as we sat at the outset that you can also send a lot of haggling. the port to ari i just want to pick up the point that the pope had made when he says that you know who he is the man of the losses i'm not social or not that i think there's another baby. back in india today. and we know this whole idea of not being able to activate the temple to do something that has created a lot of unease in india in when you do not. when you don't she has done this to you actively and guides them to keep going so that i think i would and he did this uncertainty a picture of the mountain house is coming up as the pope with it. he will not be known to the content from two new faces coming up. absenteeism is another interesting thing that's happening happened in india stepped into commission has given the go to
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the chinese. it is on that note i'm not god exists. none of the ummah even today an old school funding into the captain made an extremely confused by the choices they are facing today. they are not the end a show on the second option is a problem but did not chew on that. he has the money. in a teacup are many shoes and say hello just at this point to let nicholas brush with icicles are in charge of our media watch segment. on that score. while the whole question all the changes going on in india are effectively with all the big news stories today in the country which is the facebook it became to this tweaking you can see the financial times in london reporting that facebook has passed one hundred million uses in india and that is now ninth of april and very much what is the facebook looking for a billion of may. this is reflected with this change in
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the country. this from the times of india's economic times saying that facebook is launching an undying love but it's a feature to be a timeline of when you put it in various parts of the country concise and a new campaign that saw connected society now has to do with the study from a reputable institute saying that in fact facebook could influence hundred and sixty. institute is up to five hundred and forty three up for grabs to the site while nothing credible not possible and to spray the first place which is one of the most momentous occasions in the country think what the is wrong facebook will not be influential in the pessimistic shift in society. sentences are new and unknown right now looking ahead used to will what waterboarding people on how much friends is their rounds. the buzz about the selection is nothing of the night can conceive of this piece in foreign policy which is asking why is
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the world watching the new selections and it's this man is in it. tom moody and it's nice to teach until we can concede his twitter page he's got three point seven million follows his own is functioning on all social media properties the contrast is massive and is making a dinner in the end of the brothel gone gandhi himself. congrats is not speech and when i was looking around for his tweets going on. there are two current dt separate accounts for him and one that supports account no treats women. i've been told that a lot of thank you nicholas brush with stay with us will be much more to come here in the pulse until today the eye. i live. was it. off
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welcome back before using the false and yet today to sample the stories will be falling for it at the top of
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the hour after six years of recession. greece's government. returning to financial markets to international markets. it's cold comfort to the thousands marched in a general strike this wednesday. as the standoff continues to pro russian separatist in the street and cream try to put maurice kidd has to be picky. it is. smaller than expected lead you from whence the opposition. had it as the countdown to indonesia's general election i know. all are. welcome back welcome if you're just joining us this is the false again today when looking at india's five week election process the hundred and fifty million citizens going to the world's largest
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democracy bearing its name probably what it calls an intensely jacinto also getting a sniff or two arate reports for ndtv television and the hindustan times. i'm with deepak rash puts that supports the opposition bjp and wasn't well. he is an economist and the author in french. india for dummies this is the inaugural likes its new parliament in may the vote takes place over four days soon. the fact that it's happening. over five weeks that has captured our imaginations for sure the first meeting took place monday in some states. today it's in the remote northeast six seats and a part of india has raised between china bangladesh and myanmar. and then on thursday. seventy one seats up for grabs and
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fourteen different states including new delhi. some things to get us to progress to tomorrow. if you're going back to india to go into something wrong in the states to grasp what my week in punjab. thank you. what's it like actresses and they have the votes are cast. what are the masters it comes to listening to the costume when we need to get on the planet actually she was going to be looked into. and in the sixteen countries and intent. and desserts and in the cycle went into teams and even going to get in positions of different artists. and to put the ongoing speed of two weeks from completion. was it well here in france and to organize a poll of five weeks i can think of several regions where there might be up to the temptation to help heal the numbers the world. i see. the in vienna. we know
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we can continue. because you can see them dancing to not he can do to help week maybe sixty five at the one we've all the time because there is something next day. nine weeks. and very few. very cute and so does indeed lead throughout to win the league i've been keeping stock option can be an inch between two point five million people in a dvd to me. and that people because it is in christ jesus i keep on not to compete on maybe maybe. you might want to place his hand when the dpp. the event is smaller. the new and very interesting happened this morning along the pier and trucks carrying you know what's making you smile when stop and chat line because it
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was if he naps. so there is you can tell but it's very difficult in the ninety two through the suck and i'm sticking to my healthy suspicion of religious and don't you see a glass half full it comes to intellectual process. the hill and you cannot have any teeny this is not sleeping in a democracy economics and it does have its top in the eighth in the system as well. india has the speed with honor in conducting the injections come back he find me to a projected thousand and two pm because i don't think internationally read as i understand the import he'll need to see me use it on my current emotions petitions ideal and so the audience in the city audiences beyond the just and he got nearly one thousand was he thinking that i don't really understand what you want a conduit how happy and calm ep
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it's gone into the psyche and into the sounds of a new index sank you know i'm coming. i knew it was not just it was during the day to a union and this has been declining ninety national human rights groups and sticking to some and you interested in after only two have had attended and by the us and you know when you're talking about. it wasn't getting any effective that has stunned the effect in the act of tossing the debate to know we need wisdom used to know is i do is ride to date tonight and keep believing and found it when we will never forget this. do not think that if an infection of the indian population do not forget the fact that when you're talking about you can be mixed into advantages to getting this in india. they want to get to that. his aunt tina at the seams with them being down on the fourteenth century mosque on the i
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ninety ninety two when to be repealed by the ruling pdp to my auntie and silk. tonight he says needs to understand exactly how decisive of the day he is and how we can debate in stamping has been by focusing on business. he has always been in past years i feel good i even passed in state hands of its human development index. just as bad as the night of the seats in humans and that is not states and the timing of the detainees and as a back seat as it was set during the entire one economy is not in tune with cyanide thundering grant immunity and eighty efficiency to one of these on. you know. bill aitken on the coat i do not think in a fundamentally good i don't think he does and it was simple it's been a day many minorities and you know that would not tax the beach it began and by the sagging
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despite the cool pool would be extremely careful about you making some adjustments to direct you to his mandate to make promises before getting into and out into a clinician with a suggestion it could be a surprise. they have been surprises when i found in eighteen ninety four when the bjp than on this date he doesn't get anything in this tiny that she did notice is that i did that is i think he would come in today to announce that india has a new nativity set to be found and that of the maps and medical reasons changes in the bin. i sent out by the andean like the pantomime season is in the taping and shiny. he has been a task that is waiting to be that the ui comedians on facebook and went to the us state. so i wouldn't call it like you i'm not putting money on anything in this election it's interesting that he's knocking back to the slight
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hill the image because the hospital. also lohan has been in the seventies and beyond advertising money has also gone into building this image but apart from that this month and i think going on to new tubing into this debate is that in the second month is the fact is this something that i knew enough about ninety percent of indians vote is nice and sunny so i loaded them up you know violence against women the people in one extremely concerned about the options and don't forget that they are not going to see me and visit the scene and feinstein bulldogs. so the question is what is it that you know in the season. i'm not talking about going to do on sunday it is also in states like new quay. you know where they may be a key seats coming into the vet's seen coming out of it. this is a modern state that isn't the selenium is an act of the company and be awesome. so you know who is going to be. it's a pdf
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button next to my two boys don who manages to pull up today on these devices fact is the most sold in your differences and maybe the prospect of religion factor given me tons of things. the slow economy as a mother is a solution to housing off and i printed it onto for the first time i didn't even know any political party that comes into power will be missed on the phone has anybody read but do not compute the stats on the economy is something which has left many of the strategy. then again you know the actions of not only act so kind and they can be big surprises too. a slightly different perspective on to hunt to find teacher mentioned by people too. not to reveal a beach in dubai is n fall into the disaster on bcp it was the one time sometimes me. the new things
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to get in and continue listening to music it was going to be different and with the wind was a quick posting things bbc did not meet the president of the company has been one of the most popular physical indian pm. the effect of mr libby is officiating also told us that the outfits as a design assistant on the atm up with this that the atm and unprecedented position this is just a nifty he had absolutely no class. i didn't initiate the eu un and regional communities running into the habit of presenting with evidence that means the agency we had to seek him and that was a woman president. he seemed to make money on things like season seven cents in on the bjp is a pumpkin has openly said that giving and not make changes going on because if he was excited he is on that children under the strings in the sand and beyond the debate around outside
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the zoo things like blankets taking it isn't as if it is no opposition to the students also take into account some of those opposition to resist even now the comparisons with the republican party and new facet beginning of our discussion. it is perhaps another comparison you need is seen as turkey where there is an economic model town to buy is heating up prime minister that it is also the social topics opener andrew moody you voting for package. indeed she has a duty to type what comes into his new book the bjp would you vote for national decline has been going to open a package that is as india is home to lots of activities for teachings and in recent times has seen mind when it comes to policy does not comes to bubble lights and physically the speech comes to me to be put in power. the news and physically she asked me
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within twenty five kids that want to jump in trying to make is that the new goofy is trying to bomb going off to boot. it's possible as though he was taking my fortune to put your bike and fifteen seats to disney croatian government incentives and escalation going to happen and when the new program. so this might be victims of this is going to be. this is what this might be begun accepting smaller than the militants positive things that he tends to bring his own ex convicts on facebook we have a common from contention. india is not politically mature. the prime minister nominee in opposition mr narendra modi has made the selection a make or break cancel it or against it. make a point that it uses of prostitution. i mean we're trying in any deficit to five years. i missed and friends before and after two thousand and ten. two questions when he says. my team. we have
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combined with. the i've either been lost since reagan years and two the company is aiming to do. then before without you mentioned without dollars and two. and you auntie. to my face too the aching backs. ideally the time. the only two percent of the inducement not to conduct an operation it's basically just tired ears and eyes that was a mosque in newquay. just shows to be in utah and not just the two hundred million people. and while we ate and he would get fifteen seats. tomorrow week's g eight group of mentally t know what happened was. in nineteen ninety four today we've gotten to us. we
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have taken the lead and he was really behind these huge crowd going to a new job and they just saw. the stylist can call to the mall. and the hint. again the amin the twenty sixteen top. and to harm because it was supposed to be good for a company which i think may be true the street. he's now i know people are beginning again. i'm officially back in the u k nineteen the spry eighty percent of the people of the kindle. the other two the syndrome and to clean this up so that someone put it down and would be weaned on economics. if you mean you can think differently. he would vehemently deny a certain extent these people
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my point is clearly the goal line. because of the groom's side to the moment and then east. just recently published books and the kenyan economy cannot condone it quickly. so has sprung a leak in the east not many would be the end of the indian economy and kiwi team to watch the pieces you and miss all the compliments me on a one one ninety one addiction to top the unbeaten on sixty two that's because of the day so when he tried to choose to buy from one to get caught up to the cadets. the article just when we did six months of the consent of the real essence of this and that kept me in the accident that he could testify to. to tool up to huntington economy watching the east room
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sensis in india. i'm going to want to know he's not more than fifty percent of the balkans. there would be an easy to describe shopping speaking not going to fail but the tendency to repeat what we have seen in the past they were just trying to find consensus. so the question what would he get it into an agreement which will be achieved through the eighties. things like london investment in on things and i love the cd but most of my policies the leninist is not impossible has been chewing on sunday life in india also happens to the engine into the stadium. something valuable that you know things didn't go to my great aunt not because of how the state is going to react it's not miss them when the wheat. the bbc in the policies that by acting has been cautious in its manifesto the hallway he even said that total honesty would
7:48 pm
be something that you can send them some skates on that seems like its opinion something that you cannot overlook that something needs to be able to cross like ashes as a deputy in on the second. the oddities of the market that me and for me david. ok may be a peak in canada for people who think that we could do something to change that. the team doesn't get connected and if he does something to ponder and accompanist. in six to eight months down the line but probably not make much difference whether he is bent on somebody else's day. beans beans the anti israel somebody answered softly on the economy has its meat off the contest will close on so let's not forget that the man eighteen was by mrs in the east easing of some opposition knew he had fungus and i do not have time to connect aig's the console facing strong opposition leader just a quick question about foreign policy. there's
7:49 pm
obviously it's going to perhaps put a damper on emissions even further with pakistan we know that it is also border disputes with china and the citizens voting going on and knew the chinese border an area that said disputed. there is no point to a recent statement in an election rally by moving his inclusion will have to abandon its mindset of expansion. yet this on fire by to see mimi and me have to type this and it is easy just the statements that his is a tyrant by the messages when next to nothing. i beat him in his manifesto i do think it is in fact we have a plan that was a businessman and in india ap becomes time to study and improve business and how much of that i'm still here and she's going to be made to mean you're about to get some sun of trade between these two countries demand that he has been sent
7:50 pm
to the east which is very anti pakistan and china are changing and not just an exploited to the intriguing idea. so once again he's going to have to back me he doesn't face the son of confidence that is a big feast in pakistan. he is just a silly piece that he is just online chatting and china and pakistan and daniel from monday till it makes sense which means affect his invented these silly you know he's tolerating going to the meantime the end of this balancing act between dentist john in india hindu nation and a special accent and be thinking that congress could wield relations go south with the regime and his mom about having the gop can expect positive returns in the relationship especially as this to mean the startlingly between china and india and in terms of solving the budget disputes between the two dogs england once like this idea seemed that the people talking tough those you see him and attend
7:51 pm
a rally in the eye. this conclusion i do know that the turnout is convinced him that i know he's really amazing to china to my point is yes you read to choose between eastern time. and back to shore up the heat that none of the week. i think i might teach. some things we can look up to get it especially because americans in the end of his time in as we know that pakistan has deepened when it is time to look at and what he went to some problems and things to be seen how the kings and fully contained in the inside. the thing on this won't make me want to debate whether or not is going to be have an effect on i'm going to see me he was joking. is it yummy. the most in the new haven be time to start again. what i think is interesting as i look back at what happened when the bjp was an upwind and he was born
7:52 pm
in india and in the state was the prime minister. and in fact it was the time and there was a lot of trauma happening to focus on the nation's lowest paid and when the bus too focused on hand. you know when to dine on the frosting with the concave limit funding to me the things that many naked and he is on my tv. you know james india's foreign policy in the day with diminishes us when the apogee in china and pakistan the us on monday as a violation of the us when the bjp these two wheeled in and it was back in ninety four nineteen ninety eight to two thousand and four. nobody has. the damage caused on seduction against the bench my knees on the amount that's the kind of game. not
7:53 pm
easy as sending us interested no we don't like change. no the real achievement really i have to wait until nobody he can turn again. in addition we even bought. so when china and pakistan. when the movie would be enough and doesn't command of the men. so you know you can't appease the gp and a musician it was designed to get watched ndp tests were conducted by india and in a for tat tis happen in pakistan and that the idealists acted in good relations between the two countries of the ends into a tizzy. silk. yes they can present day cool is that they take a train to nice and impressive went out back to uni this is not to be a good time falling to defend the nation's leading democrats in the white house i didn't need the eu we try to capitalize on that because deputy washington isn't it strange that much was fixed
7:54 pm
and straighten it again this is here. on the run from moody's the next prime minister of india. we were mentioning earlier that there are a lot of variables a lot of new voters in this election in two thousand fourteen and also india's population moving to the city and that's when you see at the end of the crop forecasts for two thousand and twenty one. the new location we were still in the fifty percent threshold he didn't believe it. already more than half of indians live in cities mentor to me. how will that make the selection different when the law stands as the economy have them stay so that you know the big box of indian students in learning to sew them on eight hundred and fifty million indians who live in northern india. that thing again is the day i keep coming back to the fact that this election is not among the legions as men. and that
7:55 pm
is how it's going to be. not when i'm not one even be in adopting this being so close that he has created. you'll get into pieces with. the in the hindu temple doesn't matter. when people are actually facing the worst problems in and it is also on the two hundred million strong. many in india. i mean the problem with the oft pets and people of ceasing to be and reach and engage in on has teamed up to the forefront of this election is also going to be sold as a movie just that the division the fact that other than the fact that i missed him when he's trying to. you know. i don't give a toss of the hundreds and the fact is becoming active in india has and hasn't been into acting. the review list of problems and return them is that when faced with a made for the challenge was to ride i'd turn up lots of new voters and perhaps a lot of
7:56 pm
surprises. come the middle of may we count those ballots have been thinking newport oregon officials and shops as well. the images into and said deepak rush when venus thank you for joining us here with constant updates. often labels seventeenth algeria to the polls president aziz was to pick up point for forced to. yet the alien presence is almost invisible presence of the political stage. faced with a system that produces change. algeria is wasting civil society is getting woken up a tent. all buff and space is a new generation is making its voice heard on social
7:57 pm
networks journalists intellectuals and opposition supporters are beginning to speak out. report says. like that. i have come home. i listened to win. a
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
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wednesday night. washington can see here. and there nineteen students and one adult and injured tonight after the sixteen year old sophomore student went on stabbing and slashing spree that tonight the high school in pittsburgh. the violence began in a crowded hallways just minutes before classes started african regional high school. police arrived at the nicotine in the morning to kingston's running out the door it's called the victims are expected to survive the four of the students did suffer serious wounds


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